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 Hemp young plants are available from J and L Plants on a year round basis.  Young plants are available as unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings and seedlings.  All of our varieties are homogeneous and guaranteed to produce a uniform crop.  Contact us for pricing , availability and other hemp related inquiries. 

Free Cannabinoid Testing

We take pride in our work and the careful selection of the varieties we grow and sell. When you buy from J & L Plants, you can send in a sample at any time during the growth cycle to test for cannabinoid ratios and potency at our in-house lab.


High CBD & CBG Hemp Varieties

Unrooted and Rooted Cuttings 

J&L Plants offers  high CBD and CBG selections from some the the industry's most renowned varieties.  All of our selections are homogeneous and will produce a uniform crop of high-CBD hemp.  Propagation material is available on a year round basis to domestic and international customers.  Email for more information on pricing and availability


Abacus is an indica dominant hybrid with dense fragrant flowers.  Purple and green flowers with the scents of earth, spice and diesel make this variety a favorite for smokable flower production.  Peak CBD levels are reached 7-8 weeks from flower initiation.  

Hawaiian Haze

CBG White

CBG White is a sativa dominant hemp variety that has been bred for high CBG  expression.  J&L Plants exclusive CBG White selection is genetically homogeneous and will produce frosty white flowers with subtle hints of vanilla and spice.  CBG White is very appealing visually and produces 15% CBG while remaining THC compliant.

Hawaiian Haze is a terpene rich variety that produces dense trichome covered flowers.  Colas reach peak maturity 8-10 weeks after flower initiation and smell of pineapple and mango.

Special Sauce

Special Sauce is a hybrid variety with sturdy plants and dense productive flowers.  Flowers mature in 8-9 weeks and have an appealing terpene profile with characteristics of tropical fruit and lemons.

Hot Blonde

Hot Blonde is a new hemp variety that is quickly becoming an industry favorite.  J&L Plants exclusive selection produces trichome covered lime green flowers with high CBD and terpene expression.  Plants mature 8-10 weeks after flowering.

Suver Haze

Suver Haze is an indica dominant hybrid that produces trichome covered flowers with an intoxicating peppery aroma.  The flowers are lime green with hints of purple and reach peak maturity in 7-9 weeks.

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