J and L Plants received a license to produce hemp under the Texas Department of Agriculture's Hemp Program on March 31st, 2020.  Hemp young plants will be available from J and L Plants in May and we are taking orders now.  Hemp young plants are available as rooted cuttings and seedlings of proven and certified genetics.  Contact us for pricing and availability.


High CBD Hemp Young Plants

Rooted Cuttings and Seedlings

J&L Plants has entered into licensing agreements with Centennial Seeds and Grow Hemp Colorado to ensure farmers have access to Farm Bill compliant genetics that come straight from the breeder.  Our relationships with the industry's most reputable breeders, allows our farmers to rest assured that the genetics they plant are true and reliable.  Accepting orders now.  Email sales@jlplants.com for more information on pricing and availability

Free Cannabinoid Testing

We take pride in our work and the careful selection of the varieties we grow and sell. When you buy from J & L Plants, you can send in a sample at any time during the growth cycle to test for cannabinoid ratios and potency at our in-house lab.

Otto II

Rooted Cuttings

Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp variety developed in Colorado by hemp breeder Ben Holmes, owner of Centennial Seeds.  Otto II is stable and breeds true for high ratio CBD expression.  Otto II is excellent for use in botanical extraction applications.  The plants are vigorous and can be quite large.  Grown in sunlight along Colorado's Front Range, flowers reach peak resin content in late-September.


Rooted Cuttings

BaOx is a high-CBD variety that combines an inbred Hindu Kush line and the Otto male used to create the Otto II hybrid seed.  BaOx is fast growing, vigorous, uniform in height and breeds true for the high-CBD chemotype.

VC Star


VC Star is AOSCA Certified in 4 states and 100% stable.  Consistently tested below .3% total-THC for multiple years in multiple states.  VC Star produces large plants with good branching and an open canopy.  The variety is multipurpose and can be grown for CBD, fiber and grain.  Seedlings are unsexed and will produce approximately 60% female plants.


Rooted Cuttings

CBG is an exciting new cannabinoid and biomass is in high demand by processors and consumers.  CBG genetics are type 4 chemotypes and will produce low levels of THC.  Growers can expect 12-18% CBG at harvest with less than .20% total THC.  Order early to ensure availability.

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