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Sol Shine Landscape Kalanchoes are a new product offered by J&L Plants.  Sol Shine Kalanchoes have brightly colored, long lasting blooms available in a wide range of colors.  Sol Shine Kalanchoes are well adapted to warm climates and are ideal for adding color to landscapes, flowerbeds and potted arrangements.  Sol Shine Kalanchoes also make excellent border plants along walks and in raised beds.  

Sol Shine Kalanchoes thrive in partly sunny situations but they can also be planted in shady spots that receive filtered light or part-day sun.  They should be planted in well drained soil and fertilized once per season.  Water needs are low to moderate and the plants should be watered once the soil surface has started to dry.  Avoid overwatering and soggy roots/soil.

Sol Shine Kalanchoes are an easy care plant and a great way to add long lasting color to landscapes.  Available in 6 packs with a handle, 4”pots, and gallon pots.  

Unrooted cuttings also available to growers with tags included.  Contact for more information.

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