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J and L Plants has been family owned and operated since 1973. Jarratt Irwin grew up helping out in the greenhouse as a toddler and began working full-time at J and L in 2010. Jarratt earned a B.S. in Horticulture from Texas Tech University in 2005 and a Master of Horticulture degree from Texas A&M University in 2009. Jarratt has held many different jobs in the field of horticulture. His work experiences include horticultural and viticultural advising, teaching Horticulture classes at TAMU and TTU, and working as a breeding assistant at Fides BV in De Leir, Netherlands.


Though J and L is typically closed to the public, if you peeked inside on the right day, you'd find Jarratt running everything from production schedules to payroll to maintenance, his wife Lindsay offering extremely helpful suggestions and manning the website, and their two toddlers watering plants and playing in the dirt. 



Founded in 1973 by Jim Irwin and his son Larry, J and L Plants began with six gutter-connected greenhouses, totaling 30,000 square feet. Over the years, the greenhouse has grown many different potted flowering crops including kalanchoe, geranium, chrysanthemum, begonia, poinsettia, exacum and crossandra. For the past 30 years the company’s main crop has been Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Jim passed in 2008, leaving an impressive legacy in the horticulture industry.

Together with his two sons Jarratt and Tanner, Larry continued to operate the greenhouse until his quasi-retirement in 2019. Today, you can find him popping in to help out with quality control, shipping, and grandkid entertainment. 

In 2023, Tanner branched off to operate a local retail greenhouse operation, Yellow Rose Plants. 

Today, Jarratt operates the greenhouse with a vision for a beautiful future - and an eye towards continuing the legacy his grandfather began more than 50 years ago.

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